A DAREDEVIL headteacher has braved the shave in memory of her lovely mum.

Tina MacDonald took the bold step to shave her hair off to raise cash for The Beatson in honour of mum Sadie Kelly.

Tina lost her dad to dementia and her mum to lung cancer within five months of one another – and in her first year in post at Notre Dame primary.

Now, thanks to the kindness of the school community, Tina and her staff and pupils have raised thousands of pounds for the Glasgow cancer centre.

On the morning of the fundraiser, Tina said: “I had been absolutely fine until this morning but now my stomach is telling me something different.

“I think it’s because everyone is asking me how I am and messaging me, it’s real now.

“The kids have been brilliant. They keep asking me ‘when are you shaving your head off?’ and I keep saying, ‘I’m not shaving my head off’.

“They are buzzing today.”

As well as Tina’s brilliant effort, each class had been tasked with coming up with their own fundraising endeavours.

Cake sales, pyjama runs in the Botanics, talent shows and dance-a-thons have all been held – among many more challenges.

On Thursday the whole school wore yellow, the Beatson’s colour, and gathered in the playground to watch Tina lose her hair.

While pupils and staff gave their whole-hearted backing to the plan, Tina’s husband took a bit more persuading.

She said: “I spoke to my husband, who said, ‘Very funny’… next thing I was doing it.

“At one point he was saying that whatever we raised he would double it to pay me to not shave my head – but then it got to the point we’d raised so much he couldn’t afford it.”

Tina describes herself as “a bit of a risk taker and a bit of a dare devil” and has done everything from charity skydives to zip slides.

She raised money for Alzheimers UK after her dad died in January 2019 from dementia.

Her mum died just months later in June that year from lung cancer.

Tina said: “People say this is brave but my mum lost all her hair going through treatment and she found that very hard – that was brave.

“I am overwhelmed by the amount of money we have raised so far.

“Our parents have been really, really generous but it’s all because it’s the Beatson. Everyone either knows someone who has used it or has used it themselves.

“I wanted to involve the school as we have lost a couple of parents to cancer in recent years and have others going through cancer just now.”

Tina’s head was shaved by Melissa Gellan who works in the Notre Dame office as well as owning a barbers – so it was truly a whole school effort.

To donate to the cause see: https://tinyurl.com/macje9ay