Current House Points (Sep 2021)

House System

  • From P1-7 the children are divided into 4 houses – Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.
  • Each house has a staff member as leader. Every other staff member will be affiliated with a specific house too.
  • P7 and P4 children are elected in as Captains and Vice Captains. They help to lead the Business Meetings on Mondays and help their housemates.
  • Children will sit in their house groups at assembly time.
  • Each class should display a points chart for each house, listing the pupils names and this can be used to reinforce positive behaviours within the class. This supports other teachers who may be in your class. These should be placed outside the classroom door to allow for easy access on Mondays.
  • A P7 pupil will be responsible for collecting point values every Monday morning. The house with the most points overall will be awarded 100 house points, 2nd – 75 points, 3rd – 50 points and 4th-25 points.
  • Points will also be awarded throughout assembly times for specific purposes.
  • Gold and Silver tickets are issued by all members of staff to children who display good behaviours, have specific achievements and generally demonstrate good manners. Gold equals 100 points and Silver is 50 points.
  • The fortnight focus is announced at the Monday business meeting- Monday Power-Point and the children are told what the Friday certificate will be awarded for. The certificate names are collected on a Thursday. Please keep a record of winners and reasons. This is now done online. Names will be announced over the intercom system.
  • These children will be rewarded with a certificate and 100 house points. They will also have the opportunity of having cakes with HT (or other SLT). The importance of this treat should be emphasised and promoted with the children and should be displayed somewhere in your class.
  • The winning house will receive a treat termly organised by the house leader.